About us


We GreenCast India energize engineering by adopting and implementing various recent techniques to design and develop your products.

The company cast components and machines components for all major countries and as well as domestic concerns . Our organization bags a strong technical staffs representing a wide knowledge throughout the development till we achieve the foot print stamped in our projects. Thus we work under pressure without stress and strain.

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Our quality system works depending on the customer requirement, we work on all types of standards to meet our clients quality requirement.

We are well equipped with highly efficient quality control system and QMS managed by our qualified and experienced technical persons.

Our company on its way to bag ISO certification as to meet and maintain the quality of our finishing products of international standard to cater the need of national and international market.

we analyse chemical composition during and after the melt for all type of casting to meet out the chemical composition.

we also indulge in Mechanical testing laboratories.

we prolong our service to Rapid prototype for our critical components

we adopt NDT tests to analyse the defects and the procedure to overcome it.

Our Organization will strongly follow the Quality standards which will take our concern to the qualified zone.